2020 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir


2020 was a wild ride of a year. The growing season started out warm, but temperatures cooled as Spring rolled in. From that point on, daytime temperatures were moderately warm and followed by cool evenings. These mild temperatures allowed the vines the opportunity to focus on developing more complexity and flavors in the fruit. So while the overall quality from the 2000 harvest is down in comparison to years past, the quality remained exceptionally high.


Guadalupe: Planted in 1989, Guadalupe represents the definable change of the Jory soils of the Dundee Hills to the sedimentary soil of the Yamhill-Carlton District. It lies at an elevation of 350’, and consistently produces small berries and clusters that are intensely colored.

Niederberger: Planted in 1988, Niederberger is defined by a warm-weather buffering effect from being almost completely surrounded by fir trees, and its soil diversity from Jory to the alluvial Woodburn soils. Rooted at an elevation of 300’.


Harvest Date: 9/26-9/30/2020

Brix at harvest: 23.9

pH: 3.52

TA: 5.6

Alc: 13.8


N: Cranberry, black cherry, violet, cocoa, plum and sweet leather
M: Medium body, supple tannins, juicy red and black fruits, savory notes

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